Again, congratulations from my wife Toni and I on your engagement.  If you think that Cobblestone Farms may be the venue for the wedding you have been dreaming of, then contact us to set up a tour of the farm so you can come and see for yourself just how beautiful it really is out here. 

Once you arrive and see what the venue is like and walk around for a bit, we are confident that you will fall in love with the farm like so many others before you have and that you will also see that rustic charm and country romance are alive and well and living right here at Cobblestone Farms.

(231) 392-5486

Our mailing address is-

Cobblestone Farms TC, Inc.

3791 W M 113

Kingsley, Michigan 49649


Our GPS adress is-

3791 W Michigan 113

Kingsley, Michigan 49649


The farm is located in Grand Traverse County





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