What is the venue rental fee for Cobblestone Farms?


Please see our venue pricing page for pricing and included items.  


Can we bring in our own vendors?


It is your day and you should be able to choose whatever wedding vendors you want to make your day exactly how you want it to be so we absolutely allow you to bring in your own vendors.  However, we do have a list of vendors we can provide to you who have already worked out here on the farm with us and they are just as committed to your day as we are so they are a good place to start your vendor search.


Can we bring in our own alcohol?


The farm has it's own liquor license so your drinks must be purchased through the farm as part of a beverage service package.  With our berverage service package there is now one less thing you need to worry about as we take care of everything for you.  Our beverage service package is also very reasonably priced and it will be listed on your venue contract.


What is the farms wedding season? 


The farms wedding season is May through October.  For smaller more intimate weddings or off-season weddings, be sure to take look at out sister property  Cobblestone Inn


What is the farms guest capacity?


Our guest capacity is 200.


How close are hotels/lodging to the farm?


We are only 10 minutes from numerous major chain hotels in Traverse City and there are other mom and pop hotels close by as well.  There are also a few campgrounds very close to the farm too.  Be sure to also ask us about our sister property in Williamsburg, Cobblestone Inn.


How late can our guests stay on our wedding night?


For Friday and Saturday weddings, receptions can go until 11pm while all other days wedding receptions can go until 10pm.


What about set up and tear down of tables and chairs and trash removal and other personal items left after the wedding?


We will assist you with the setup of all your tables and chairs and decorations when we "set up" for your wedding.  As far as the tear down we will also take care of that as you have more important things to do the night of your wedding.  We do ask that you have someone help us with a quick trash pickup and removal of your personal items immediately following the reception.  Unless previous arrangements are made, anything left after that time will be thrown away.


How do I set up a tour of the farm?


We do tours of Cobblestone Farms all year long.  Now of course in the middle of winter you will need to be able to look past the snow, but we can show the farm at almost anytime. 


Can you hold our date for us?


With the farms popularity and our limited season, we cannot hold wedding dates.  Dates are only considered "booked" once we have a date reservation deposit and a signed venue contract. 


How do I reserve my wedding date?


A $2,500 date reservation deposit is all that is required to reserve your special day here at Cobblestone Farms.


What is the policy for paying off the venue balance after we book our date?


Your venue balance must be completely paid for no later than the 1st of the month of the month before your wedding date.  So if you have a June wedding, then your venue balance must be paid for no later than May 1st.  We will set up a monthly payment schedule to help you spread out paying for the remaining balance.


Are there any other fees I should know about? 


You will have to pay Michigan sales tax of 6% just like any other purchase you make here in the state of Michigan.  There is a $500 damage deposit, but that is refunded back to you as long as there is nothing damaged during your time here on the farm.  The sales tax and damage deposit will be listed on your venue contract.


What is the farms date change/cancellation policy?


All date changes must be made in writing before January 1st of your wedding year.  For date changes, if we have your newly requested date still open in the same wedding year for the same day of the week we will move it for you free of charge.  If you are requesting to move your date to the next wedding season, if we have your newly requested date still open we will again move it for you free of charge.  However, if you move your date to the next wedding season, you will be responsible for any price increases from your current contracted price to the new venue price if there is a price increase. 


If you need to actually cancel your wedding, anything you have paid towards your wedding date (the date reservation deposit and all other payments) will be forfeited.


Where can we find information on obtaining our Michigan marriage license?


If you are a Michigan resident you must obtain your marriage license from the county you currently reside in and that license is then good out here on the farm.  Out of state residents must apply for your marriage license through Grand Traverse County as that is the county the farm is in.  Please click on the Grand Traverse County icon below and you will be redirected to information regarding obtaining a Michigan marriage license.







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